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Cost Transparency

Cheap fashion has completely warped people's perspective on what clothing is worth. There are just as many hands involved in the manufacturing of “cheap” fashion as there are in ethically-made fashion. But if you've ever thought “why is ethical fashion so expensive?” there are many reasons, the least of which being the fair treatment of workers in the supply chain. Also, we think the more relevant question is, "how is that so cheap?" We all love a bargain but it's time to stop kidding ourselves about a dress that sells for €20 or €40 or even €60 new. That's not a bargain, that's exploitation! In these cases, it’s guaranteed that other people are paying the price so we don't have to.

At AFORE AFTER we strongly believe that if fashion brands were required to be transparent about their costs, people would awaken to the true cost of making clothes, and we’d see clothing being properly valued again, like it was by previous generations. And while the industry has no such requirement, yet again we've taken it upon ourselves to be transparent and allow you to see our cost breakdown.

At full price, almost 56% of each item covers its cost.

The remaining 44% is used to fund our business operations, which include: