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Fit is the main cause of clothing returns industry-wide and when considering the future of sustainable fashion, fit can’t be ignored. That's why at AFORE AFTER we’ve not only taken a more progressive approach to standardised sizing, but we’re also pioneering a virtual fitting room service.

We all know that shopping online for clothing can be hit-or-miss and that the best way to see what fits and looks good is to try it on in person. But did you know that most online returns don’t go back on the shelf to be resold? The cost of packaging, shipping and handling is considered by fast fashion companies to be higher than the value of the item. It’s cheaper to incinerate or send them to landfill, and far too often, that’s exactly what happens.

AFORE AFTER is among the first in the world to introduce a groundbreaking new function, inviting you to try on our pieces via a personal avatar. In partnership with digital fashion platform MYAVA, we’re welcoming you to create a virtual stand-in with your exact measurements and complexion, allowing you to see how the garment will fit your shape, hang on your body, and how the colours will look with your skin tone, before you buy.

When shopping AFORE AFTER using the MYAVA virtual fitting room, you remove the guesswork, eliminate the risk of return and avoid disappointment. Now you can shop more mindfully and sustainably from home.

How the MYAVA virtual fitting room works:

1. Create your avatar.

Visit MYAVA and click “Create Profile” to get started with inputting your information. MYAVA securely collects details about your dress size, body shape, hair colour and complexion to build your avatar. MYAVA uses USA standard sizes, so please refer to our Size Guide first, where we can assist you with size conversion for creating your profile.

2. Confirm your avatar.

After a couple of days, you’ll be sent an image of your MYAVA avatar to approve. You can double check the avatar measurements against your own body measurements and also provide more to improve accuracy. Your avatar will be revised if additional measurements are submitted and you can update your avatar at any time.

3. Experience the virtual fitting room.

With your approved avatar, you can select up to 5 different fittings at a time. After a couple of days, the MYAVA experts will recommend your best sizes and colours, and offer advice specific to you. Review the MYAVA recommendations and click “Buy” if you’d like to purchase.

At AFORE AFTER, we always restock our returns, but we’d still prefer to avoid their wasteful impact altogether. And so we hope you’ll try our virtual fitting room, and experience its fantastic benefits for yourself.

Our fitting room special offer!

We truly believe in the benefits of the MYAVA fitting room service and to thank you for using it, we want to give you €25 off your order. After you complete the 3 fitting room steps above, your final MYAVA recommendation email will also include a unique discount code that you can then use to save €25 off your AFORE AFTER purchase.

Fitting room codes cannot be combined with any other offers.