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Size Guide

At AFORE AFTER, we’ve been working tirelessly on our fits to become more size inclusive. We are delighted to now offer sizes in XS to 2XL. From decades of design experience, we consider it best to think of individual size more broadly as a range and, because of this, we’ve taken a new approach, offering 3 sizes, with each size designed to cover a range. This was challenging but in our circular design process and with longevity in mind, we knew it was really important to take a more progressive approach to standardised sizing.

While the process was complex, we hope you’ll agree that the results are simple. Before purchasing, please take a few moments to consider and fully understand our size guides below. We strongly recommend using our fitting room service, which takes all guesswork out of determining your size. If you need any advice with our sizing, please email, and we’ll be happy to also help.