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Our Values

For too long, the sustainable fashion conversation has focused on material solutions while not addressing the real systemic issues, overconsumption and overproduction. Fashion needs to drastically scale back and slow down if it’s going to be sustainable. In doing so, the value we place on our clothing, and the workers who make them, needs to be restored.

In recognition of the environmental and social needs for a circular economy, we’ve identified the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are most relevant in the product development of AFORE AFTER:
Goal 1 - No Poverty
Goal 5 - Gender Equality
Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
Goal 13 - Climate Action

As a fashion business, we consider SDG12, responsible consumption and production, to be the most important Sustainable Development Goal. We're tackling overproduction and overconsumption head-on by positioning AFORE AFTER as a fashion brand whose entire approach, from design to sales, is responsibly focused on circularity. As a fashion brand, we're leading the charge on responsible production and, with our help, we hope you’ll join us to take meaningful steps towards responsible consumption.

We are open to all kinds of questions about our products, raw materials, manufacturing, collaborations and partnerships, press information and anything else you can think of about our business. Simply email us at to get in touch.