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A Guide To Wearing Our ETERNAL Design

A dress. A cover up. A layering piece.
A revolution in sustainable dressing.
Spend a couple of minutes getting to grips with the ETERNAL,
and you’ll be ready to wear it 12 different ways.

The ETERNAL needs a little help from you to reach its full potential. This was a conscious decision on our part, a reaction to the throwaway attitude fast fashion has encouraged, and that we all now need to change. Our feeling is, if you have to spend a few minutes adjusting the garment to create the perfect look, you’ll love it even more. Unfortunately, we need to retrain ourselves to treat our clothes with care and respect, and we wanted our ETERNAL design to help with this.

First, a note on garment maintenance. As with all clothing, ours is made by the age-old tradition of sewing fabric with thread. While Lyocell is considered to be one of the stronger and more durable fibers in textiles, our garments aren’t produced to a utilitarian standard, like all fashion items. Please handle our garments with care. Be gentle as you take them on and off. Don’t pull the waist ties or drawstrings too intensely. They’ll last longer this way!

How to get 12 looks in 1 garment

There are the 4 key ways to wear the ETERNAL:
  1. Open as a layering piece over other clothing
  2. Buttoned closed and belted as a layering piece or dress
  3. Closed at the front and tied as a wrap dress
  4. Closed at the back and tied as a sheath dress

Once you also consider the 3 adjustable sleeve options, you’ve got 12 looks in 1 garment that you can play with endlessly in your forever wardrobe. And we’ve no doubt that our lovely customers will come up with more variations too, so please get in touch to share your personal styling tips with us!

How to attach the waist ties

The ETERNAL includes the main garment, 2 detachable waist ties, and a garment bag.

To attach the first waist tie, take the buttonhole end and simply fasten it to the button on the inside waist of the garment. To detach the waist tie, simply unfasten it.

To separately attach the second waist tie, take the buttonhole end and slide it through the buttonhole at the waist of the garment.

Continue to slide it through the loop end of the same waist tie.

Finally, guide the waist tie all the way through its loop end to create a knot around the buttonhole at the waist of the garment. To detach the waist tie, simply release the knot.

Et voilà! You’ll find that looks 1 and 2 above don’t need the waist ties attached, while looks 3 and 4 do.


How to adjust the sleeves

We recommend making sleeve adjustments before you put on the garment, and start by turning each sleeve inside out.

Hold both drawstrings ends together while gathering the sleeve to its tightest.

Pop your hand/forearm into the sleeve to loosen it just enough so that your hand can comfortably pass through.

Tie a knot or a bow with the drawstrings to secure your sleeve adjustment in place.

Turning the sleeve right-side out again, evenly distribute the gathers all around for a ruffle cuff that you can now take on and off without having to adjust. Wear the sleeve at full length for a chic look, or cinch above the elbow to add a dash of femininity.

We hope these tips help you get the maximum value and use from our ETERNAL design, but of course, if you need any further advice, please send an email to and we’ll do our best to assist you further.

We’re delighted that the ETERNAL is a patent-pending design, a rarity in the world of fashion.