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An innovative multiform garment, designed to be worn endlessly. The ETERNAL evolves alongside your body shape and personal style, remaining in steady rotation in your forever wardrobe. It can be a timeless sheath dress, head-turning wrap dress, versatile layering piece, statement swimwear cover up, or luxury loungewear piece. Thanks to its unique design and adjustable sleeves, it can be worn at least 12 different ways. 

Learn more about how to wear and adjust the ETERNAL with our helpful guide 

A shorter-length dress, (it falls somewhere between the mid-thigh and above the knee, depending on your size and shape), it’s chic enough for a night out but comfortable enough for lounging. And, it has pockets!

The protective drawstring bag also doubles as a stylish carry-all.

We’re delighted that the ETERNAL is a patent-pending design, a rarity in the world of fashion.

Inspired by the leaves of the hazel tree, our ruby “Hazel Hurry” print is all about wild, statement-making beauty. The hazel tree is native to Ireland, AFORE AFTER’s home country, and in Celtic folklore, is associated with wisdom and inspiration, making it the perfect match for the conscious style-lover. We like to think our bold colour palette of ruby red and candy pink adds drama to the natural beauty of the hazel leaves. Introducing black to the colour palette was fully intentional, it makes the print simple to style with wardrobe essentials.

No two AFORE AFTER pieces will look exactly the same when cut from our digitally-printed fabrics. As with all printing methods, there can be some shade variance in colour and/or slight print markings that occur. In our production process, we review any such occurrence of this carefully and determine whether it’s significant enough to discard the fabric. As a circular business, we prioritise zero-waste practices, so unless these natural attributes of the printing process are notable, we will use the fabric. Much like the print designs themselves, these printing characteristics contribute to the individuality of each piece.

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The ETERNAL № 2 is made in Poland using:

  • 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell main material
  • 100% Lyocell thread
  • 100% Organic Cotton labels
  • 100% Bioplastic buttons

This is a circular, mono-material, synthetic-free and biodegradable garment, which has been digitally printed to minimise environmental impact.

Learn more about our materials and certifications

Please use the MYAVA fitting room service to find your size.

To be kind to the environment, please wear often and wash less.

  • Hand wash with care
  • Cool iron on reverse
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry

Due to the natural characteristics of our high quality and sustainable materials, your garment might need to be hung for a day or so, to allow any creases that develop to fall out easily. After this, a cool iron on the reverse side of the fabric will eliminate any stubborn creases, if needed.

Reviews (7)

Ciara F
I cannot get enough of these beautiful pieces. Vibrant, stunning colors and prints, silky soft fabric and a beautiful fit that drapes your curves perfectly. The sustainable, circular fashion model of this brand is also very appealing as a conscious consumer. Beautifully made clothes to make you feel amazing wearing them.
Katie H
A gorgeous brand with a lovely ethos. The fabric feels amazing and the sizing is accurate too! Family members have gone straight to purchase their own pieces after they saw mine.
Áine J
Very comfortable dress. Been singing your praises to all.
Theresa R
I was dying for a post covid occasion to purchase an AFORE AFTER dress. Sandra was super responsive and when I asked re sizing she was really helpful and advised the right size for me. The fabric felt like silk against my skin.
Patricia M
My Skirt and Top have arrived. I am delighted with them. I look forward to wearing them all for many years.
Patricia M
Love the dress, soooo comfortable 😍
Anne Marie L
I received my top and skirt and I absolutely love them.